DEPAY Locked and Loaded

We've locked the entire Uniswap liquidity with today.

Nov 02, 2020

"Rug pull?", "Rug?". Those messages we had to read and answer in our Telegram group since the very beginning. I guess we are all just a "burned child". Especially after what the Sushiswap developer pulled off this year, I guess we are all just a little bit more careful.

We are glad to announce that that's not further an issue with DEPAY.

Today we've locked the entire 100%* liquidity of our DEPAY/ETH pair on Uniswap. That's approx. $100'000 USD* of value locked for at least a year.

This is the transaction in which we've locked the 100%* liquidity of the DEPAY/ETH pair:

And here you can see all the holders of the Uniswap liquidity pool token: 99.7%* are locked in Unicrypt's smart contract. 0.3% we had to pay to Unicryp as a fee to use their locking service.

We've also updated our token page and started displaying the amount of "Locked Tokens":

We expect the number of locked tokens to significantly rise over the next couple of months as we are soon starting our staking program, which is gonna allow us to raise our liquidity to the next level – together.

* all relative and absolute numbers were taken at the time of this writing.

Whitelisting opened - BSC Launchpad started