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The ultimate guide to integrate decentralized payments.

DePay Payments allows you to accept and perform crypto payments.

Quick start

<script src=""/>
  amount: '20',
  token: '0xa0bEd124a09ac2Bd941b10349d8d224fe3c955eb',
  receiver: '0x4e260bB2b25EC6F3A59B478fCDe5eD5B8D783B02'


In order to receive decentralized payments on any blockchain you need to have your own wallet on that particular blockchain first:

Payment widget

The DePay payment widget allows you to directly accept crypto payments on your website or Dapp. Just use our widget library to open a decentralized payment widget using your configuration.


You can either load the depay-widgets package via unpkg's CDN:

<script src=""/>

or you install depay-widgets via the package manager of your choice and ship it as part of your application bundle:

yarn add depay-widgets
npm install depay-widgets --save

and load the DePayWidgets package wherever you need it:

import DePayWidgets from 'depay-widgets';


You need to pass a configuration object to DePayWidgets.Payment which needs to contain the fields:


The amount of tokens you want to receive. Needs to be passed as a string e.g. "20".

The BigNumber of that amount will be calculated internally including finding the right amount of decimals for the given token. So please just pass the amount in a human readable form: e.g. "20" for 20 USDT and not "2000000" (BigNumber).


The address of the token you want to receive.

Use our payment configurator in order to simplify configuration.


The address receiving the payment. Always double check that you've set the right address.


A function that will be called once the payment has been successfully confirmed by the network.

The widget will call the `callback` function passing a callback object as an argument:

  tx: 'the transaction hash of the confirmed transaction'

Payment configurator

Use our payment configurator in order to simplify the whole payment configuration:

  amount: '1',
  token: '0xa0bEd124a09ac2Bd941b10349d8d224fe3c955eb',
  receiver: '0x4e260bB2b25EC6F3A59B478fCDe5eD5B8D783B02'


Need additional help

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