Simple to implement,
simple to use

DePay allows all DApps to easily accept payments without worrying about implementation details or losing users by sending them to exchanges.

1. Install

A complete decentralized drop-in solution for payments

From small applications to marketplaces and financial businesses, for platforms and ecommerce, we offer a decentralized and all-in-one solution for your payment needs.

2. Perform Crypto Payments

Anything to anything, decentralized crypto payment conversion

Users can now pay with everything they have in their wallet, as long as there is a liquidity pool or an order book. DePay performs automatic token conversions as part of the payment transaction.

3. Grow

Optimize and Scale

A simple payment experience increases conversion. Now you can focus on growing your application and platform. Receive comprehensible payment analytic insights to uncover growth opportunities, get answers to your questions, and run sophisticated analyses with ease.

Whitelisting opened - BSC Launchpad started