Web3 Payment Plugins for Wordpress

Start receiving payments directly into your wallet.
Hosted directly on your own Wordpress installation.

No signup required

Just install the Wordpress plugin.

No middle man!

Payments performed with DePay are wallet-ot-wallet.
No one but you holds your funds at any time.

Optimize your revenue

Immediately accept thousands of different crypto assets on multiple blockchains as means of payment.

Simple to use

You simply select what you want to receive, the sender selects what he wants to send/convert.

Wordpress Web3 Plugins

Supercharge Wordpress

Web3 Donations with DePay
Receive cryptocurrency donations directly into your wallet. Supports all major blockchains, cryptocurrencies, tokens and wallets.

Cryptocurrency Acceptance

Thousands of different crypto assets

With DePay you can immediatelly start accepting thousands of different crypto assets across multiple blockchains while only receiving the ones that you've configured. DePay makes sure to convert assets and tokens in real-time so that you always get what you want.


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