Unlock & govern crypto payments

Token Utility & Governance

The DEPAY token unlocks professional tools to manage crypto payments and allows token holders to govern the DePay payment protocol.

Circulating Supply
Current Price
$1.2239 USD Includes Swiss VAT
Market Capitalization
$2,553,878 USD
Locked Tokens
Locked Liquidity
$1,043,712 USD (99%)
Final Total Supply

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DEPAY Token Distribution over Time

DEPAY tokens released into circulating supply are sold and used either to provide further liquiditiy for exchanges, to fund further development or to create token incentives, etc.

To reduce circulating supply, DEPAY tokens are locked within Staking Supply, Staking Rewards, Governance, Treasury and Liquidity locks and smart contracts to technically prevent them from being sold/used or entering circulating supply.

Circulating Supply

1'000'000 DEPAY
6'000'000 DEPAY
22'000'000 DEPAY
29'000'000 DEPAY

Total circulating supply at the beginning of that month. Gradually increasing in between those dates.

Controlling For Inflation

In order to ensure token price stability, DePay performs the following programs to control inflation:

Utility Demand Insurance

DePay commits to a token utility demand-target originating from DePay PRO users. DePay PRO users need to pay (redeem) or stake DEPAY tokens in order to unlock pro features.

If the target amounts of DePay PRO users is not met, DePay will burn tokens proportionately in order to control inflation.

This means, e.g. if DePay has only acquired 3’000 DePay PRO users by 12/2021 (50% target) it will burn 2’500’000 DEPAY tokens.

6'000 PRO users
5’000’000 DEPAY insured
24'000 PRO users
15’000’000 DEPAY insured

Buy-Back-and-Burn Program

In order to ensure further token price stability towards the end of the vesting duration, DePay will start a token buy-back and burning program, beginning in 10/2022, burning a total of up to 31’000’000 DEPAY by 01/2024, curving the total supply of DEPAY to the end of the vesting period down to a final total supply of 32’000’000 DEPAY.

500’000 DEPAY
2’500’000 DEPAY
14’000’000 DEPAY
31’000’000 DEPAY

Cumulative amount of DEPAY tokens approx. burned over time. Gradually increasing in between those dates.

Early Adopter Rewards

DePay will introduce an early adopter program which will be filled with up to 3.2M DEPAY by 01/2022 assigning the locked up DEPAY to DApps, websites, merchants, and sellers using DePay throughout 2021 to reward early usage of the DEPAY protocol and products and to create an extensive incentive for sellers to use DePay to perform payments. Releasing the assigned rewards starting in 01/2023 gradually until 12/2023.

300’000 DEPAY
3’200’000 DEPAY
3’200’000 DEPAY

Token Contract

Token Contract on Etherscan

The DePay token is a ERC20 token deployed on the Ethereum mainnet.

The token contract has a build in lock-up mechanism which allows the team to only release small amounts of the total supply linearly until 12/2023.

All tokens stored within the token contract lock-up mechanism can be considered locked until they are released to the team to increase token liquidity and to further fund the development of the protocol.

The token contract allows for the lockup time to be infinitely increased but will not allow for the lockup time to be decreased.

Similarly, the token contract allows for the burning of DEPAY tokens that have not yet been released to the team, and it does not allow for the total supply of the DEPAY token to be increased.


The DEPAY token powers and unlocks the overall DePay PRO ecosystem, with utilities across various payment products and services.

The implementation of additional future utilities of the DEPAY token will constantly be discussed in the community and the governance.

In order to ensure the adoption of the basic payment protocol stack, the initial use of the products and the protocols will not require any DEPAY tokens. However, the future introduction of payment fees requiring DEPAY tokens to perform payments cannot be ruled out, especially considering that a decentralized governance vote could lead to this decision in the future.


Whilst the initial demand driver for DEPAY tokens will be utility, the governance aspect, and the features that this can unfold will become more prominent over time.

The initial utility-led growth will transition to community-led growth as the admin key will be burned and the ownership of the DePay protocol is handed over to the community. This will secure a decentralized future for the protocol and ensure that the community becomes integral to development and sustainability.

We believe that the future of the decentralized web will contain only protocols that are autonomous, censorship resistant, publicly owned, and thus truly decentralized.

DEPAY holders will have ownership of:
  • DePay protocol governance
  • DePay basic products
  • The protocol fee switch
  • The DEPAY governance treasury
DEPAY holders will have the right to:
  • Submit feature requests and prioritize and reprioritize milestones and objectives
  • Initiate governance proposals
DEPAY holders will have the responsibility of:
  • Ensuring that the protocol and basic products stay decentralized
Initial governance parameters are as follows:
  • 1% of DEPAY total supply (delegated) to submit a governance proposal
  • 5% of DEPAY supply required to vote ’yes’ to reach quorum
  • 7 day voting period
  • 3 day timelock delay on execution


Where can I buy DEPAY tokens?

DEPAY is listed on Uniswap: Buy DEPAY

What is the current price for a DEPAY token?

$1.2239 USD

What is circulating supply?

Circulating Supply is the current amount of tokens that is technically available to be sold/used.

What is the current circulating supply for DEPAY tokens?


How much of the current Uniswap liquidity is locked?

Currently $1,043,712 USD of the Uniswap liquidty pool is currently locked and can not be removed as liquidity from the pool.

What is the final total supply of DEPAY tokens?

Through its Buy-Back-and-Burn program, DePay will reduce the final total supply of DEPAY tokens to 31,000,000 by 2024.

What is the total supply of DEPAY tokens?

Technically there can only be 31,000,000 DEPAY tokens in existence. Through its Buy-Back-and-Burn program DePay will reduce this total supply to a final total supply of 31,000,000 DEPAY tokens by 01/2024.

What is the final total supply of DEPAY tokens?

Through its Buy-Back-and-Burn program DePay will reduce its total supply to a final total supply of 31,000,000 DEPAY tokens by 01/2024.

What is the final diluted valuation of the DEPAY token?

$37,941,210 USD

Final diluted valuation describes the fully diluted valuation after our Buy-Back-and-Burn programm has been executed. It is projecting the potential future fully diluted valuation of the DEPAY token in 01/2024.

Was there a DEPAY token pre-sale or seed-sale?

No. We believe in decentralization and giving people direct access to token purchase opportunities. Pre-sale and seed-sales are also the main reasons for other token's inflation.

Does the DEPAY token price include VAT?

Yes, the DEPAY token price includes 7.7% Swiss VAT.

What are locked tokens?

Locked tokens are currently technically unavailable to be sold/used. Often, tokens in smart contracts can be considered locked.

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