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DePay pioneers Web3 Payments with the power of DeFi.
Accept any token with on-the-fly conversion.

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Technologists, leaders and game changers

Travis Blane (DeFi Dad)
"DePay is like Stripe and 1inch had a baby"
Kartik Talwar (ETHGlobal)
"A clever integration that DeFi enables"
Michael Zajko (CoinList)
"The PayPal of Web3"


Leading blockchains and wallets

BNB Chain
Coinbase Wallet
Coinbase Wallet
Wallet Connect
Wallet Connect
Trust Wallet
Trust Wallet

In a nutshell

Innovative, decentralized payment solutions

You want to accept cryptocurrency payments worldwide, peer-to-peer in a decentralized, censorship- and fraud-resistant way? We are prodiving innovative, blockchain-based solutions to do so. It's easy to integrate and easy to use. Perform and manage Web3 Payments today.


Outstanding through and through

CoinList Seed 2021

We've particapted alongside 6 other hand-picked high quality crypto startups in CoinList Seed 2021.

ETHOnline Finalist

At Ethereums biggest yearly online event, we've been selected from 710 hackers and 175 projects worldwide to be one of 12 projects presenting in front of the biggest Ethereum audience at the ETHOnline Hackathon finals.

1inch coolest hack (runner-up)

At the ETHOnline Hackathon 2020, we've been awarded "Runner-up coolest hack" from 1inch.exchange, one of the main event sponsors.

Indistinguishable from magic

Sufficiently advanced technology

Everything starts with a simple integration. We worked hard so that you don't have to spend months implementing Web3 Payments on your own.

  accept: [{
    amount: 10,
    token: '0xa0bEd124a09ac2Bd941b10349d8d224fe3c955eb',
    blockchain: 'ethereum',
    receiver: '0x4e260bB2b25EC6F3A59B478fCDe5eD5B8D783B02'

Let's change the world

Are you ready for Web3?

Discover how simple decentralized Web3 Payments can be. No boundaries, no signup. A few lines of code will allow you to accept Web3 Payments peer-to-peer.

The DEPAY token

Hundreds of early adopters have already joined DePay.


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