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Time to claim your uncapped DEPAY allocation on Binance Smart Chain. Our IMO is the fairest launchpad within the DeFi space.

Initial Multichain Offering

500,000 DEPAY



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21 days

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Web3 Payments

Three eye-opening facts

Fact 1

Most Web3 Payment solutions are centralized


DePay is the first truly decentralized solution which addresses the downside of centralization. It's built on top of decentralized finance using state-of-the art web3 technologies in order to offer a seamless payment experience.

Fact 2

Web3 Payment mass adoption is not moving fast enough

Bad Experience
Good Experience

For one main reason: The user experience sucks! DePay is removing most of the barriers that currently stand in the way of the mass adoption of Web3 Payments: Perceived ease of use, increase in the number acceptable tokens and any-to-any conversion functionality - just to name a few.

Fact 3

Increasing payment acceptance statistically increases revenue


Accept any asset type that your customers already have in their wallet. DePay is chain agnostic and can at any time be extended on any blockchain-specific plugin. Interoperability, scalability & flexibility are the cornerstones of our protocol. Accepting any asset that users already have in their wallets no matter which blockchain these are held on, reduces friction when performing decentralized payments.

Game-Changing Technology

Any-to-Any payment conversion


What people say about DePay

Travis Blane (DeFi Dad)
"DePay is like Stripe and 1inch had a baby"
Kartik Talwar (ETHGlobal)
"A clever integration that DeFi enables"
Michael Zajko (CoinList)
"The PayPal of Web3, now you can use any ERC-20 token to make a payment using their super slick widget integrations."

Top Features

How DePay works

Chain Agnostic (Multichain)

Interoperability is the key principle on which our infrastructure is built. DePay is extensible around any blockchain, ensuring a competitive future.


The truly decentralized nature of our protocol makes DePay a solution resistant to financial censorship. No one can be technically excluded from using DePay and no registration is required.


Most Web3 Payment providers & processors receive payments to wallets that they manage themselves. Only in a further intermediate step are the payments paid out to sellers. DePay does not act as an intermediary. Every intermediate step is replaced by smart contracts which are connected to decentralized liquidity pools. As a result, trust is no longer required.

Easy to use

Our ambition was to create an even easier user experience than you're used to from shopping in current non-crypto e-commerce stores. We think we've done a good job of that.

Open Source

Feel free to use & contribute to our codebase at. We're happy to have you look under our hood. The DePay protocol will always remain open source.


We calculate payment routes on multiple networks simultaneously despite what your wallet is currently connected to. Our software automatically detects & switches the network if required.


3 Reasons for DePay

Reason 1

It's decentralized & open source

Reason 2

It's inclusive & permissionless

Reason 3

It's fair & interoperable

Utility Demand

Target Integrators

Below we provide a few examples of platforms that would benefit from integrating DePay



Crypto Marketplaces


Online Marketplaces



Raid Guild
Raid Guild

Online Stores

Adobe Commerce
Adobe Commerce


NFT Gaming, Launchpads, Web3 Communities, Lending Platforms, Direct Token Sales, Donations, Open Source projects, Online Courses, SaaS, Staking and Farming Pools, Payment Aggregators, Paywalls, Individual Developers, Artists & Content Creators, Influencers & Athletes and eSport players paid in crypto, and many more...


The DEPAY token

The DEPAY token unlocks professional tools in order to manage Web3 Payments and allows token holders to govern the DePay payment protocol.

Token Utility

Unlock DePay PRO

The DEPAY token powers and unlocks the overall DePay PRO ecosystem, with utilities across various payment products and services. Customers need to pay with DEPAY tokens in order to unlock professional features and tools when receiving payments themselves utilizing the DePay widget. If customers do not own DEPAY, DePay then uses its own payment products in order to convert any asset to DEPAY on the open market under the hood, with no user friction. The implementation of additional future utilities of the DEPAY token will constantly be discussed in the community and the governance.


Whilst the initial demand driver for DEPAY tokens will be utility, the governance aspect and associated features that this can unlock will become more prominent over time. The initial utility-led growth will transition to community-led growth as the admin key will be burnt and the ownership of the DePay protocol is handed over to the community. This will secure a decentralized future for the protocol and ensure that the community becomes integral to development and sustainability. We believe that the future of the decentralized web will contain only protocols that are autonomous, censorship resistant, publicly owned, and thus truly decentralized.

Initial Fair Launch Supply

Andre Cronje

"a fair launch, is a launch in which all participants have the same ruleset."

Project Development
Up to a 31'500'000 DEPAY curved distribution
DEPAY tokens allocated for project development and marketing. Conducted by DePay AG Switzerland, to establish basic protocols, additional functionalities and utilities, especially DePay PRO.
Up to 7'000'000 DEPAY
The DePay team will transfer to the governance treasury on a continual basis to lock up to 7’000’000 DEPAY tokens by 01/2022. The governance treasury will allocate tokens on an ongoing basis via contributor grants, community initiatives, liquidity mining, and other relevant programs. The above will reduce locked treasury tokens to 2’000’000 DEPAY, which will be handed over to the governance by 01/2024.
Up to 10'000'000 DEPAY
The DePay team will hand over the basic payment protocol and the basic DePay products to the community of DEPAY token holders. This transition to full decentralization will be completed by January 2024.
To ensure that the DePay team can control and govern the protocol and basic products until that date, there will be a dedicated number of tokens locked in a smart contract. These tokens only allow the DePay team to perform governance functions such as submitting proposals and vote participation.
This will lock up to 10’000’000 DEPAY over time and will be reduced to 1’000’000 DEPAY tokens by January 2024 and will be retained by the team so that they may continue to influence governance into the future.
Up to 3'200'000 DEPAY
DePay runs an ecosystem growth program (e.g. Early Adopter Program, Staking Rewards, Liquidity Mining etc.) which will be filled with up to 3.2M DEPAY by 01/2022. The locked up DEPAY will be assigned to DApps, websites, merchants, and sellers that are using and integrating DePay or for rewarding additional liquidity provision on decentralized exchanges. This is to reward early usage of the DEPAY protocol and products and to create an extensive incentive for integrators to use DePay as a payment protocol.
Final Supply
31'000'000 DEPAY
In order to ensure further token price stability towards the end of the vesting duration, DePay will start a token buy-back and burning program, beginning in 10/2022, burning a total of up to 31’000’000 DEPAY by 01/2024, curving the total supply of DEPAY to the end of the vesting period down to a final total supply of 31’000’000 DEPAY. Should sufficient amount of tokens not be available for burning, these will be purchased on secondary markets.
Demand Insurance
Up to 5'000'000* DEPAY for 6'000* PRO users in 2021
Up to 15'000'000* DEPAY for 24'000* PRO users in 2022
* cumulative amount of demand insurance tokens and PRO users
In order to ensure token price stability, DePay commits to a token utility demand-target originating from DePay PRO users. DePay PRO users need to pay (redeem) or hold (stake) DEPAY tokens in order to unlock pro features. If the target amounts of DePay PRO users is not met, DePay will burn tokens proportionately in order to control inflation. E.g. if DePay has only acquired 3’000 DePay PRO users by end of 12/2021 (50% target) it will burn 2’500’000 DEPAY tokens.

The Team

Meet the DePay founders

Sebastian Pape

Founder, CEO+CTO

Sebastian started developing software at an early age. He studied computer science and interaction design and has extensive experience building applications for big IT companies serving millions of users while also leading technical teams by example.

Sebastian started building on Ethereum in 2018. His first blockchain interaction was spent working on, an NFT browser and exchange for Gods Unchained.

In September 2020 Sebastian had the idea to build a payment widget on top of DeFi and he implemented the first beta version of DePay at the ETHOnline hackathon in October 2020.

Alexander Paul

Co-Founder, CMO

Alex is a growth hacker with over a decade of experience in SEA, SEO & Digital Analytics. He founded his first Crypto related business in 2014.

In recent years, he was responsible for managing seven-figure advertising budgets whilst implementing one of the world's largest Content Marketing projects. This involved the utilization of Python automation for NLP (Entity Analysis, Keyphrase Extraction, Web Scraping & Data Mining) together with the design & implementation of in-house tools to manage remote freelancers.

Aleksandar Mladenovic

Co-Founder, CFO

Aleks qualified as a chartered accountant with Deloitte in December 2006, supported by a brief secondment in Boston during Q1 2007.

He then moved to London where he worked as a credit research analyst within the banking sector for nearly 3 years.

The next 10 years Aleks specialized as an independent credit risk business analyst supporting numerous regulatory driven project initiatives across various top tier banks. These risk projects were essential in ensuring the stabilization of the banking sector post the 2007-2009 market crash from both a risk management and capital efficiency perspective.

Meeting the future DePay team upon moving to Zurich, the opportunity to expand into crypto and help build something exciting soon became a reality. The vision to enhance the user experience whilst adding value to data analysis and reporting provides an exciting challenge.

Launchpad Procedure

IMO step by step

1. Whitelisting

September 15, 2021 - October 15, 2021

  • Make sure to hold any amount of $DEPAY (ERC-20) at the time of our snapshot – Yes, 1 DEPAY is fine.
  • Everyone holding DEPAY at the moment of our snapshot will automatically be whitelisted.
  • If you have participated in our Staking Rewards Program in the past, you're already whitelisted.

Welcome to a truly fair & permissionless launchpad.

Click the button below to buy DEPAY tokens on Ethereum and see our Token Sales Widget live in action.

2. Snapshot

October 15, 2021

  • The whitelisting period ends with the Snapshot.
  • Check this page again to see your final status after we have announced the Snapshot.
  • Make sure you're subscribed to our newsletter - this will be our fastest announcement medium.

Snapshot is the state of a blockchain at a certain point in time. In our case, we will record a list of all wallet addresses holding $DEPAY on Ethereum at that point in time.

3. Price Announcement

October 15, 2021

  • Within a few hours after the snapshot, we will announce the DEPAY BEP-20 token claiming price.

4. Claiming

October 15, 2021 - November 15, 2021

  • Visit this page again after we announce the token price.
  • Hit the "Claim now" button.
  • Our app will automatically switch your wallet from the Ethereum to the Binance Smart Chain network.
  • Make sure to hold the correct/sufficient amount of BUSD or other BEP-20 tokens that you will require in order to claim/purchase your DEPAY BEP-20. This needs to be held within the same wallet address where you were whitelisted on the Binance Smart Chain network.
  • Claim your allocation by paying for your desired amount of $DEPAY with any BEP-20 token (e.g. BNB, or CAKE).
  • You will be utilizing our Payment widget when making payment. This means that assets will be converted any-to-any and on-the-fly - Pretty cool right, first hand experience of DEPAY functionality!
  • First come, first served. Your claimed allocation is uncapped.
  • By making a successful payment you will have formally secured your tokens. Secured tokens are then locked until the automatic token release drop.

5. PancakeSwap Listing

November 15, 2021

  • The PancakeSwap Pool will be initiated shortly after the claiming period has ended.

6. Token Release Drop

November 15, 2021

  • We will be releasing the secured/acquired BEP-20 DEPAY tokens to all buyer wallets simultaneously at a certain time through our launchpad smart contract.
  • We will announce the Token Release Drop time about 24 hours before it happens.
  • You will be able to trade on PancakeSwap right after you've received the tokens.
  • Should you wish, you will also be able to provide liquidity on PancakeSwap in order to earn on the future trading volume.

Special Offer

DePay PRO - IMO Exclusive

We offer you the opportunity to purchase a full year (12 months) of DePay PRO for the price of just one month.

If β€œGet 1 year DePay PRO for 10 DEPAY” is checked during the claiming of your DEPAY BEP-20 tokens, 10 of your purchased tokens will be allocated to the activation of 12 months of DePay PRO.

Your full year of DePay PRO will be activated right after our launch on PancakeSwap. Please make sure to subscribe to our newsletter in order to be notified about all further steps. After 12 months your access will expire automatically.

This offer is exclusively for participants of our Binance Smart Chain IMO (Initial Multichain Offering) during the claiming phase.


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